Kingsbridge & District Agenda 21Kingsbridge & District Agenda 21

Constitution & Membership


  1. To promote sustainability of the local community and environment
  2. To provide a forum for local groups
  3. To promote awareness of local sustainability issues
  4. To provide a focus for action


The membership is open to all residents of Kingsbridge and the surrounding area who shall pay a membership fee of an amount to be determined and amended from time to time by the Commitee.


A minimum of three Committee meetings shall be held each year. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in February of within three months of the end of the financial year. Public notice must be given 14 days before the AGM and any Extra Ordinary General Meeting. Any five members may request an E.G.M. A quorum for the AGM and EGM shall be five.


The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are to be elected annually at the AGM.


The Committee shall comprimise a minimum of four (including the above officers). Committee members are to be elected annually at the AGM. A quorum for a committee meeting shall be three.


The Group will hold a bank account. Cheques are to be signed by two of three signatories as approved by the Committee


Shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer and Committee. Proper accounts shall be kept and tabled at the AGM. Accounts shall be examined annually (according to current law) by a qualified person who is not a member. The accounting year shall run from January to December.


The Group may be dissolved if deemed necessary by a simple majority decision of the members after explanation/discussion and a vote at an AGM or at an Extra Ordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. Funds and other assets remaining shall be distributed to local charities at the Committee's discretion.


Any alterations to the Consitution are to be made at the Annual General Meeting or an Extra Ordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.