Kingsbridge & District Agenda 21Kingsbridge & District Agenda 21

Kingsbridge Agenda 21

Kingsbridge Agenda 21 is a small but committed group of people who share a concern for the sustainability of their local community and its environment (in this case the market town of Kingsbridge, its surrounding district, and the South Hams in general), along with the impact this has on global sustainability. 

Some take part as individual members of the community, while others represent local organisations with an interest in sustainability issues.  The strength of the Agenda 21 Group is that it taps into the ideas and energies of a wide range of community interest groups, and acts as a forum to bring these together in relation to current concerns.

The group meets on a fairly regular and informal basis (on the first Wednesday each month), to discuss issues of local interest or concern.  Where appropriate the group will decide to take action, often by taking steps to raise community awareness of the issue and to encourage all viewpoints to be heard. Through its website and activities it also provides information and ideas to help people live more sustainable lives.

The primary objectives of the group are:

• To promote sustainability of the local community and the environment
• To provide a forum for local groups
• To promote awareness of local sustainability issues
• To provide a focus for action

    In broad terms, we are concerned with:

  • the long-term viability of Kingsbridge as a market town, and Salcombe as its sister port
  • maintaining an effective balance between local people, second home owners and tourists
  • ensuring the future for villages in the South Hams as local community centres
  • the protection of our beautiful environment, including the Kingsbridge estuary and its hinterland
  • the availability of local food, local jobs and affordable housing
  • reducing our impact on the environment e.g. through waste recycling and renewable energy production

Many of these issues are reflected in our website, and in TASK (Towards a Sustainable Kingsbridge) - the carbon reduction action plan for the town, towards which Kingsbridge Agenda 21 was a major contributor.  You can access and download a copy of the plan from this website (look for the TASK logo).


 Why Agenda 21?

Agenda21In 1992, leaders from countries around the world gathered in Rio de Janeiro for an Earth Summit, to discuss the global environment.  The product of these discussions agreed by 179 countries was Agenda 21. 

This sets out how both developed and developing countries can work together towards sustainable development.  It also identified that for Agenda 21 to work effectively there must be involvement at a local level.  Local authorities were asked to produce their own Local Agenda 21 by 1996.  South Hams District Council produced a South Hams Agenda 21 Plan, and soon afterwards Kingsbridge & District Agenda 21 Group was formed.


How can I make contact or find out more?

To register your interest in the group, and to find out more about its activities, click on the button below and complete the pop-up email form.  We look forward to hearing from you, and will contact you by email (or by telephone if this is preferred).

If you would like to email us at any time, send your email to


Click here to make contact with the groupClick to make contact with the group

Other ways of communicating with the Group include writing to The Secretary, Kingsbridge Agenda 21, c/o 25 Barton Close, Kingsbridge  TQ7 1JU, or phoning the Chairman Bob Willars on 01548 857603


Further details of our current activities are available on this website under:-
Current Projects and Emerging Issues.