Grassroots Project - Helping to lead more sustainable lives!Grassroots Project - Helping to lead more sustainable lives!

About Grassroots

Grassroots was an AONB funded project, the aim of which was to help people in the South Hams to lead more sustainable lives. By 'sustainable' we mean lives that:About Grassroots Project

* Avoid creating problems for the future
* Don't use up non-renewable resources
* Encourage healthy bodies, healthy minds & healthy communities

The project provides people in the local area with direct access to information needed to make their sustainable decisions.

These can be things like:

'How can I locate supplies of locally grown or produced foods?'
'What voluntary or community groups exist in support of local issues?'
'Where can I see working examples of renewable energy installations?'
'How can I dispose of difficult or dangerous items in a ethical way?'

This project was undertaken by members of Kingsbridge Agenda 21, with initial financial support from the South Devon AONB Sustainable Development Fund.

South Devon Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) is a grant scheme that supports projects that bring social, environmental and economic benefit to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It aims to develop and test new methods of achieving a more sustainable way of life. Achieving sustainable development requires working towards four main goals at the same time:

* Social progress which meets the needs of everyone.
* Effective protection of the environment.
* Ensuring a diverse and prosperous rural economy.
* Careful use of natural resources.

For further information, please contact:-
South Devon AONB Unit, Follaton House, Totnes TQ9 5NE Tel: 01803 861384