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Renewable Energy

There has been a growing recognition that our long-term energy needs have to be met from renewable energy sources. Supplies of oil, gas and coal are fast diminishing, and nuclear power brings substantial risks and problems and is itself reliant on a finite resource.

There is also worldwide acceptance now of the dangers of ‘global warming’ (due to the greenhouse effect of increasing levels of CO2 and other gases in our atmosphere). It is recognised that we must act now to halt this increase if we are not to leave our children’s children with a legacy they cannot reverse.

Violent storms, rising temperatures, melting ice caps and raised sea levels will all have a profound effect on our natural environment, our wildlife, our lifestyle and our ability to exist on this earth.

The Government has set targets for the UK to generate 10% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2010, and 20% by 2020. These targets can only be achieved if we are all prepared to contribute to a more sustainable future by making use of renewable energy sources at a local level. Individual houses, farms, industrial units and community groups in the South Hams are all capable of tapping into natural energy sources – such as solar thermal, photovoltaic solar electric, wind power, wood, & other biofuels, ground source heat or hydroelectric power.

There is plenty of information around regarding these processes and suppliers of equipment. What have not been so readily available are good examples of local installations, and access to people who will show you what works and what doesn’t. Grassroots aims to remedy this situation by providing details of local examples of renewable energy in action
– and which ones you can visit to find out more.

For instance, if you want to find out about the practicalities and benefits of installing a wind turbine on your land, you should contact Jeff and Diana Booth about their turbine called ‘Wendy’ – see feature alongside.  There is no better time to make plans for providing your own renewable energy, with the Government's Feed-In Tariff set its present rate until April 2012, and guaranteed for 25 years.

Grassroots aims to regularly update this section with different examples of local renewable energy installations.

Watch this space.

To find out more about Renewable Energy options, there are any number of sources of information.  The best of these both locally and nationally are listed below.


SDCREN (South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network) is a local project aimed at providing advice within the South Hams to residents and businesses regarding renewable energy options.  Please contact:

Karl Braun  South Devon Coastal Renewable Energy Network Officer

Energy Action Devon 1st Floor, Pryn Court, 9 Craigie Drive, Millfields, Plymouth, PL1 3JB

Tel. 01752 235180 Mob. 07739351184 Fax. 01752 235181  Email